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HI-VE Foreign students recruitment


HI-VE is now recruiting foreign students as our tutors for the international events.
For those who want to have more enjoyable memories in Japan, like to communicate with children, extend your own network, and interested in international events, we are waiting for your application!
Joining HI-VE, enrich your study abroad!

Requirements of apply

【About HI-VE】

HI-VE aims to hold different kinds of event to create opportunities for international culture exchange. The name HI-VE stands for “The place full of joy” and picked up the first letters of the following words.
”Hub (for) International (and) Various, Experiences”
HI-VE organizes 1 day international exchange workshops, overnight programs, to educate young generation become globalized by doing real practices with our foreign tutors.

【About events】

These are the previous events hosted by HI-VE.
①HI-VE HUNTG・・・It is a game called Bingo game which helps children to learn English vocabularies of things around them. Children are from primary 1~5 and had a great time with our HI-VE tutors.

②World’s up・・・HI-VE tutors introduced their home countries and led the children to do the presentation of their favorite countries. It is a bit difficult to the children since they have not been to those countries before, but they told us that they were very enjoyed this workshop by showing their happy faces.
These are the previous events hosted by HI-VE.

Advantages of being HI-VE member

⑴Earn real experience of working in Japan that helps job hunting.

⑵HI-VE events are critical and fun that make your life experience in Japan become more fantastic.

⑶Tutors can apply to join the events according to their availability. Life and work balance!

⑷There are different nationalities in HI-VE that helps you to broaden your community!


Foreign student, Foreigners in Japan


English level: Daily conversation

18 or above with Study abroad Visa/Working holiday Visa or other working visa


Depends on each event.

Example)Workshop(2 hours)Around JPY3000/Camp(1day)Around JPY7000

Transportation fee, accommodation fee and food expenses are provided separately.

【Sharing from HI-VE tutors】

①Anthony Avila(US)

Teaching at HI-VE has been a fun and fulfilling experience. The kids are very cute, and they try so hard too! Their incredible energy is contagious, so you’ll definitely find yourself doing your best when you are teaching them English.

Cultural exchange in Japan is still underdeveloped, so programs like HI-VE help fill the gap and make it possible for younger generation Japanese to be exposed to foreign cultures and people. The kids really enjoy it!

English is the target language, but the learning environment is flexible. So if one of your students makes a joke in Japanese and you understand, feel free to laugh along!


②Audrey Moniz(France)

I had the chance to participate in HI-VE’s first teaching events as an English tutor. Learning how to better teach and interact with HI-VE’s young students as always been a great pleasure to me. Even more as it is always enjoyable to work with capable and kind staff that are always ready to help and efficient in their organization.

When I first started being a tutor for HI-VE, I didn’t have much experience in teaching but luckily I didn’t have to worry about this as I received training by a fully accomplished teacher and was able to get great advice on how to make those events’ children learn English while always enjoying themselves! Tutoring for HI-VE is always a great experience!

③Qiao Zhang Joy(China)

I like all the people working in HI-VE, which includes students, teachers, and other staff. Everyone is very nice and I especially enjoy talking with the kids. It’s amazing to watch them improve using the English language, but my favorite thing is when we can finish a project or presentation together.

Sometimes students will say much they like a certain foreign food or want to go on a city overseas, so it’s really easy to connect with them! At first I was nervous teaching in front a big group of kids but soon enough I overcame that with the friendliness of everyone in HI-VE. Now I feel comfortable in any teaching environment and can really be myself!

【Procedures of application】


2)Confirmation from HI-VE by email or phone



5)Notice of latest events

【How to apply】

If you are interested in joining HI-VE, please click the below button for application.

Apply now!